Amethysts for February

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It is a stone that has been popular for years, from the Middle Ages to the present. However, this beautiful stone has not lost its timeless beauty. Read on and learn about this iconic gemstone, and see some selections from our collection.

Platinum 3.25 Carat Amethyst and Diamond Ring

Amethyst is known for its striking purple hue. It ranges from a cool purple color to purple with shades of red. Though there are many other gems that can match amethyst’s color, amethyst is the most common gem associated with the color purple.

6.0 Carat Amethyst and Diamond Ring
Emerald Cut Amethyst and Diamond Ring

Amethyst is an ancient gem. Artifacts containing amethyst have been found from the eighth century BCE. The ancient Greeks were fond of amethyst, as they believed wearing amethyst prevented drunkenness. Though it is a common gem, it is still prized. Amethyst can be found in religious jewelry and crown jewels, such as the Duchess of Windsor necklace made in 1947, and in the tiara of Queen Silvia of Sweden.

Tiffany & Co. Amethyst 18K Gold Ring
Marquise Amethyst and Diamond Pendant

Amethyst, besides being the birthstone for February, also is the gem for the sixth and 17th wedding anniversaries. February is a time of year for cherishing loved ones. Amethyst jewelry, being a timeless and classic gift, is a perfect way to show your love. Amethyst, even with its rich history and vivid color, is also remarkably affordable. The popularity of amethyst jewelry shows that anyone, regardless of financial status, can make fine pieces their own.

Victorian Amethyst and Diamond Ring
18K White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Ring
Pear Amethyst and Diamond Earrings
5 Carat Amethyst and Diamond Ring

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