A Guide To Building a Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

A Guide To Building a Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion blogger Garance Daré believes that “Jewelry is a very personal thing… it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” Following the pattern of owning that perfect pair of shoes or favorite outerwear staple, every individual needs a cohesive jewelry collection that completes their wardrobe immaculately. However, with so many assorted materials, designs, and fine jewelry styles on the market, it’s arduous to know exactly where to begin on the endeavor.

Never fear—we’ve compiled a guide to building a jewelry capsule wardrobe that’s smartly curated for everyday and special occasion wear. Here are the essential considerations to make to create your own tasteful collection.

Select Your Favored Style or Metal

First and foremost, in this guide to building a jewelry capsule wardrobe, you need to decide upon the essentials. The idea of a capsule collection is to focus on timeless core pieces that you can build upon and that will never go out of style. Essentially, begin with the basics and build the collection to your taste. However, don’t think you have to limit your approach. Try out diverse styles from different time periods to see what trends or metals are best. Diamond studs, stackable rings, hoop earrings, or simple, layered necklaces are key capsule items for your wardrobe.

Purchase Only What You Love and Will Wear

Keep in mind that sometimes the idea of something does not always translate perfectly in application. You may love an interesting piece and admire it from afar, but never actually put it on with complementary clothes from your closet. When investing in capsule pieces, be sure to buy only want you like and will wear. The value of your collection extends beyond mere appreciation.

On the topic of statement pieces, consider their primary characteristics: size, boldness, intricate details, color, and dangling beads or gemstones. Pay regard to the character of a particular piece and how it varies from others in your collection. Vintage fine jewelry pieces add an especially unique flair and finesse to modern outfits.

The Real Deal: Choose Quality Over Quantity

Last but not least, ensure you are investing in the real deal for your jewelry capsule wardrobe. Choose classic pieces and quality metals over cheaper alternatives. Your future self will thank you in the long run. Think also of enriching capsule pieces that you may like to keep in the family or pass down someday.

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