5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day is an opportunity to show your love and devotion. These 5 gift ideas for Father’s Day are the perfect way to express that love. Whether it is an antique phonograph, a stunning pair of cuff links, or a masterfully made pocket watch, you can be sure that these gifts will make this Father’s Day the most memorable.

Harry Winston Ocean Model 18K Gold Wrist Watch

1. Jewelry for Men

Mens’ jewelry is a beautiful gift for Father’s Day. Simple and elegant, jewelry for men is often masterfully crafted. A diamond ring or pair of cuff links make great gifts because of the sentimentality they hold. Green tourmaline, featured in the ring below, is thought to bring prosperity and success to the wearer.

6 Carat 22K Gold Green Tourmaline Ring
Green Nephrite Cuff Links, circa 1950

2. Antique Pocket Watches and Wrist Watches

Antique pocket and wrist watches make beautiful Father’s Day gifts. Whether Dad is a seasoned watch collector, or a beginner, these watches add esteem to any man’s collection. Some of these watches have survived over a hundred years, and with good care, will last even longer.

Four Color 18K Pocket Watch by Gudin, circa 1770
Rare Longines Military Chronograph Wrist Watch

3. Desk Clocks

These desk clocks are an excellent way to add esteem and elegance to an office or study. These clocks’ small size gives them the ability to be made into very unique designs, such as the Brazilian agate framed clock below.

Bailey Banks & Biddle Small Travel Desk Clock
Brazilian Agate Framed Desk Clock by Gubelin

4. Antique Telephones

Antique telephones are wonderful gifts for the dad who loves vintage Americana. These standing telephones are great novelty pieces that add character to an office or game room. The best part about these vintage telephones: all of them are fully functional!

Gamewell Fire Alarm Call Box, circa 1924
Gamewell Hollywood Police Call Box, circa 1930

5. Phonographs

If your father is an audiophile, these antique phonographs are sure to make his Father’s Day. Authentic Edison and Victor phonographs are excellent decorative pieces. These phonographs include six records/cylinders each and a six month warranty.

Edison Cygnet Horn Cylinder Phonograph, circa 1906
Victor Golden Oak Talking Machine Phonograph

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