Welcoming the Spring Art Show with Judith Hale

Our Spring Art Show is here! We’re delighted to showcase a unique collection of art from many different artists. We’ve chatted with Judith Hale, owner of Judith Hale Gallery, as we welcomes the opening of this year’s show!

Fall Morning, Lynelle Echeverria

When was the first Spring Art Show? What made you want to make this an annual event?

“The first “Spring Art Show” was upstairs in the old store in 2012. So this is actually our sixth. It follows on the many years when I was in Los Olivos with my gallery there, and we always had our annual spring show. But it was called “Ladies First”, with a focus on women in art. And we had a little flower girl delivering flowers,  and welcoming all the lady visitors. So it was really a welcoming to spring. The wildflowers are blooming and it’s beautiful, and people should be happy and ready to do their spring cleaning with new art on their walls!”

Vernal Falls, Vic Riesau

Do you have anything special in mind for this particular show? What makes this show unique?

“I’ve got a beautiful feature with Howard and Betty Carr’s work, especially with a feature on water, boats and harbors, walks on the beach, and Venice canals. And then Sheryl Knight has some lovely garden (pieces), with trees and natural paths. And Dirk Foslien will be here demonstrating; he’ll spend the day with us painting his fields of poppies.”

The Flower Shop, Howard Carr

Whose work are you most excited to showcase this year?

“I don’t know if I have just one. I think the Howard and Betty (Carr) group is the freshest with the most ‘spring’ appeal.”

Pacific Cliffs, Betty Carr

What kind of art do you want to see more of for the gallery in the coming years?

“I love traditional and Impressionistic, representational art, and I don’t wander far from that path. I love that. I truly love Western art, as it was just such a (significant) lifestyle in so many years of California history.”

Going Rogue, Jean Lubin

What are some upcoming events for the gallery?

“In the summertime, I just kind of transition (the art) into summery landscape scenes and street scenes. And then in the late summer, we open the Western Art Exhibit, followed by a feature for small works in the holiday season. It’s a traditional holiday-type show.”

Road to Harmony, Grace Schlesier

This year’s Spring Art Show opens March 18, 2017 with a public champagne reception. Artist such as Dirk Foslien, Sheryl Knight and Betty Carr will be in attendance.

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