Artist Spotlight: Vicki Catapano

Vicki Catapano’s paintings have enchanted collectors across the country with their unique character and striking color. Read on to learn more about Vicki Catapano, and view more of her work from the Judith Hale Gallery, located within Solvang Antiques.

Sacred Circle

“My journey began with a love of horses and a desire to follow my family’s tradition of artists,” says Vicki Catapano. “I attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo from 1964 to 1968. There I learned about the cowboy lifestyle. This lifestyle, plus my passion for painting, was to take me down a long path to where I am today.”

The Child of the Pinyons

“In the early years, I lived in Fallon, Nevada, on a working cattle ranch. There I learned about and painted the Nevada Buckaroo. It was in Fallon that I was introduced to the local Native American tribes. These people stimulated a passion inside me that brought my senses alive. Inspiration came from the Native American’s respect for and connection with Mother Earth. I was excited by the way light fell over their regalia and by the traditions they have followed for centuries. Their dignity and grace defy my tools of brush, board and oils. I must meet this challenge with the greatest of respect and accuracy.”

The Wisdom Keeper

“In the early 1990s, my art quest took me twice to Alaska,” Vicki says. “The beauty and grandeur of the wild land, and it’s animals, begged to be painted. My goal was to entwine the colors and light of the wilderness into my work. This was also a time in which I explored the culture of the Tlingit people.”

“Although I have painted cowboys, landscapes, animals and the occasional floral, my favorite subjects are the Native American people, and the Buckaroo. Somewhere between my initial concept and the finished piece, I try to respond with sensitivity, emotional involvement, and excitement. By using vivid colors, intriguing design and solid composition, I attempt to capture the subject’s inner spirit and create an unforgettable artistic experience.”

Buck’s Bit

The Judith Hale Gallery’s Western art exhibit, “Western Days and Cowboy Ways”, runs through November 13th. To view all art by Vicki Catapano, click here.

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