Artist Spotlight: Marty Goldstein

In honor of our Small Works Show going on now, we’ll be presenting weekly showcases of artists from the Judith Hale Gallery. This week, it’s Marty Goldstein.

Bronze Sculpture Curly

At the sweet, tender age of two months (his mother assures us of this) Marty became infatuated with all manner of stuffed, furry creatures. Puppies with long ears or short ears, a riot of expressions, and puppies with soulful eyes, soon became his most treasured possessions.

Bronze Sculpture Little Charlie
Bronze Sculpture Edith

Of course, as the early years went by, those funny stuffed animals were exchanged for a real live puppy who responded to his master with unmitigated love and who made him laugh time and again as he went off to work for many years.

Bronze Sculpture Socrates
Bronze Sculpture Talula

Then one day at the age of 62, Marty retired from the stressful corporate world. After taking numerous sculpting classes, he found himself eager to create a series of whimsical bronze “Harvey Dogs” which he enjoys sharing with anyone who loves animals or who simply delights in beginning each day with a smile or a chuckle.

Bronze Sculpture Cecil
Bronze Sculpture Jake
Bronze Sculpture Chester

It’s very difficult not to smile when you look at a “Harvey Dog!” In fact, Marty considers his day a successful one if at least one person has smiled while viewing his creation of Harvey Dogs! To see more Marty Goldstein sculptures, click here. His work is also a part of Judith Hale Gallery’s Small Works Show, which closes December 31, 2016.

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