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With over 40 years of experience delivering to clients from around the world, Solvang Antiques is widely recognized as one of the country’s finest antique shops. Solvang Antiques should be your first stop for antique shopping online. We source the highest-quality antique, vintage, and estate items.

Able & Zimmerman Signed 18K Double Sided Necklace
Vintage German Able & Zimmerman signed 18K double sided necklace, circa 1980. This large link...
Antique German Art Deco Otto Pilz bronze of nude riding antelope, circa 1920. This Art...
Antique French Art Deco Pierre Le Faguays bronze maiden archer, circa 1920. This tall maiden...
Antique German Paul Kowalzensky bronze water fairy, circa 1900. This water fairy bronze sculpture is...
Antique German Gustav Eberlein bronze nude, circa 1900. This nude bronze sculpture by Gustav Eberlein...
Antique American Regina oak disc music box, circa 1899. This antique Regina disc music box...
Antique German Symphonion mahogany disc music box on stand, circa 1900. This antique disc music...
Antique German Johannes Boese mother hoisting baby bronze sculpture, circa 1900. This antique bronze sculpture...
Antique German KPM hand painted porcelain portrait signed by artist, circa 1880. This framed oval...
Antique German Fuch spearman warrior bronze sculpture, circa 1920. This antique bronze sculpture depicts a...
Antique German marquetry octagonal table, circa early 19th Century. This octagonal rosewood table features a...
Antique Junghans German mahogany mantel clock, circa 1880. This German mantel clock has a mahogany...
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